Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood returns with a vengeance guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Favorite cast members from the City Of Angels are back, along with several new faces. The resulting ensemble is anything but angelic!

Ray J proposed to Princess Love in last year’s finale, and now their journey to the altar begins. But is Ray, the quintessential Hollywood playboy, really ready to settle down? Meanwhile, Ray’s mother, Sonja Norwood, thinks their engagement is preposterous and searches from here to eternity for an effective way to stop the couple from saying “I do”.

Willie Taylor and his wife, Shanda Denyce are whirling in their own marital morass. Their drama begins when Shanda gets shocking news of Willie’s potential infidelities. While Willie ducks from any admission of guilt, Shanda is confronted with in-your-face proof in the form of Kyesha, a rapper from their hometown of Chicago. With the welfare of her two kids as her main concern, can Shanda possibly reconcile her husband’s unfaithfulness?

Teairra Mari finds herself in trouble with the law! After she was slapped with highly publicized misdemeanor charges last year, Teairra’s music career hit bottom. This season, we document the twists and turns of Teairra’s personal and legal struggles. Will Teairra’s friends rally to help bail her out of a bad situation before things get worse?

Brandi Boyd, and her husband, Max Lux, fall upon good times, turned bad. After Max receives a heavy pay day, he wants to open a fund for their son, Brandus, but a college savings account is far too boring for Brandi, who seeks other business opportunities. When Max discovers Brandi secretly used the stacks to enter the rag trade, Max exits left. How will Brandi win Max’s trust back after such a betrayal?

Speaking of secrets, fan favorite Miss Nikki Baby, has a few juicy ones of her own. Enter Safaree Samuels – producer, rapper, and romantic ex of Nicki Minaj. Safaree thinks he’s putting his Jamaican moves on Nikki, only to find Nikki has outmaneuvered him! Safaree soon discovers he’s sharing Nikki with a hot Latina model, Rosa Acosta. Nikki tries her best to juggle both her hotties, but will they agree to share in her game of love? Or will Nikki be left out in the cold?

Moniece returns this season, rested and ready to address all her “haters” from seasons past! No one is safe from her wrath, including the father of her son, Fizz, her old nemesis, Princess Love, and even Lil’ Brandi!

Season 3 also welcomes two adorable newcomers – producer/songwriter A1 and his fiancĂ©, the beautiful singer/songwriter, Lyrica. They appear to be a happy duo, collaborating side by side in the “industry”. However, we soon learn their extended family life is anything but harmonious! Both of their mothers, Lyrica G and Pam, are supremely high maintenance and their petty conflicts threaten the couple’s wedding plans. Hilarious mother-in-law vs. mother-in-law skirmishes ensue as the two vie for control over the young couple’s life.

Finally, Masika Kalysha returns and starts a family! We join Masika at her hospital bedside, as she and rapper father, Fetty Wap (of “Trap Queen” fame), celebrate the birth. After a very public battle Fetty Wap erupted on social media, the soon-to-be single mother struggles to figure out how Fetty will fit into her daughter’s life.

In its third season, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood continues to follow the young, hip-hop elite as they strive to either “make” or “maintain” a life in the La La Land of Hollywood!